After sale service: our savoir-faire, more than ever

While our creations come to life in our workshop, they sometimes come back a few years later for a quick makeover.
Whether your jewel needs to be repaired, restored or even modified for a new look, our customer service will meet your requests so that your favorite jewel remains with you and for many years to come.

With our stores, corners and multi-brand retailers, our network includes 500 points of sale all around the world and can collect your Gas Bijoux creation and help you with your requests. After a quick check, your jewel will be sent back to where it was born, on the hills of Marseille.

In our workshop, each request is unique and for that reason, it is thoroughly examined, requiring the expert input of several craftsmen. Then will be decided which path the jewel will take in this magical place, going from hand to hand, tool to tool, before coming back to you. And since some of our craftsmen have been working with us from the very start, it’s not unusual for one of them to see on his desk one his own creations from many years back. Craftsmanship is so much more than a technical skill, it’s an endless overflow of emotions…

We are committed to meeting your expectations as our customer service works closely with all our experts and their savoir-faire. Welding, plumasserie, enameling, crimping, gluing and braiding are there to give your jewelry a new lease on life.

Furthermore, while bringing a piece back to life is a thrilling feeling, it demands even more attention than during its creation because the difficulty lies in keeping its soul and history, acquired through wearing it. We are deeply committed to honor our promise because, once again, our savoir-faire only makes sense if it conveys emotions.

For any questions about Gas Bijoux’s customer service, please fill out the form below and select the Customer Service option.
A craftsman will guide you on how to return your jewel.

Finally, to delay as long as possible the return of the jewels in our workshop, you can find all the answers about how to take care of your jewels in our FAQ.