Care instructions

How can I preserve/protect my Gas Bijoux jewelry?

In order to preserve the radiance of your jewels, it is necessary to avoid contact with water, humidity, and perfume. Perfume, cosmetics, alcohol, chemicals, lemon, and further acids, as well as salty water, and especially chlorine, are harmful to your jewelry. It is advised to put your make-up and perfume on before your jewelry. It is not advised to wear your jewelry when sleeping, swimming, or when practicing sports.

Many of our creations bear delicate materials: authentic feathers, enamels, mother-of-pearls, natural stones, and leathers. It is thus indispensable to avoid alcoholic products, otherwise, you will irreversibly see these materials tarnish yellow. The warranty will not cover these damages independent from the fabrication.

Leather is a noble material that gets old and takes on a natural patina with time. Regarding the bracelets with straps: the nylon strap can be in contact with water. However, we recommend that it shouldn't be recurrent and long-lasting since it could alter the metal parts.

How can I care for my Gas Bijoux jewelry?

Your jewelry will bear a lovely patina with time, this is normal. Patina (the golden or silver layer) will tend to disappear with time. The delay in which it will disappear depends on how you care for the jewelry. A diminishing patina is the result of a completely normal wear.

Jewelry naturally oxidizes with air and humidity. We recommend regularly washing them by delicately rubbing them with a soft and dry cloth to remove oxidation marks. To avoid oxidation, keep the jewelry in a bag or box, away from air.

With a supple brush, we recommend that you from time to time wash the jewelry with cold and soapy water to remove accumulated deposits (salty water, chlorine, solar oils) then thoroughly rinse them with clear cold water. Carefully dry them with a dry and soft cloth. Do not use warm water, only cold, or lukewarm water.

Care tips for feathers: we recommend rubbing them gently with a soft, dry toothbrush.

Care tips for stones and mother-of-pearl: These materials do not like sudden changes in temperature and can be treated with a small amount of monoi on a chamois.

Can I give you my jewelry in order to clean it, re-silver or re-gild it?

If, despite your care, your jewelry remains “blacken”, and except for link bracelets, we can wash them in a special barrel bath (chargeable service). To do so, visit a Gas Bijoux shop or contact the customer service via our contact form: (request type: After-Sale Service – repair request.)

Damp cleaning cloths are also very effective, you can order them on our website.

Except for link bracelets, it is also possible to re-silver or re-gild a jewel, charged service, in our Marseille atelier.

Can I replace the string on string bracelets?

It is possible to change the tie of the bracelets (depending on the availability of the colors) in the Gas Bijoux boutiques. The fee to change the tie is 15 euros (macramé 18€).