Gas Bijoux is proud to present its three new fragrances, « Sea Mimosa », « Summer 69 » and « Sable d’Ambre », to accompany the iconic « Ensoleille Moi » as our house’s olfactory collection. True to our jewelry’s spirit, these fragrances take inspiration from luminous destinations. « Sea Mimosa » is thus the most authentic rendition of mimosas in bloom that perfume the hills of the Riviera, and « Summer 69 » the mischievous union of white flowers and vanilla. Finally « Sable d’Ambre », that evokes a burning and sensual Orient, and perpetuates this sweet dream of a year long sunny day.

Ensoleille Moi

Voluptuous and refined, the “Ensoleille moi” fragrance incarnates summer.
It is the embodiment of warm sand, the trace of a sensual poem, an ode to a blue sky, the immediate sensation of faraway destinations. “Ensoleille moi” is an elegant Monoi. More, a real treasure. Its head notes associate a tiare absolute and the freshness of bergamot. At its core, notes of ylang-ylang and coconut diffuse themselves, gracefully set on a smooth vanilla and white musk base. This fragrance reminds us how summer can imbue every season.

Solar floral
Bergamot, Tiare absolute, Ylang-Ylang, Coconut, Vanilla, Musc

Sea Mimosa

“ Sea Mimosa ” is born on the hills of the Riviera, where mimosas are called “sun of winter”. They offer a must-see spectacle in February: their golden bells resemble a golden firework. Beautiful during their blooming period, mimosas deliver an exhilarating powdery scent. This new fragrance captures the essence of this magical moment when their scent is mingled to the Mediterranean sea breeze. Take a breathe, follow this intense floral and delicately iodized fragrance and its musky base.

Bergamot, Lemon tree leaves, Mimosa, Almond milk, Musk

Summer 69

Faithful to a Chic Solaire, the timeless DNA of the brand, « Summer 69 » is an intense and addictive fragrance that pays tribute to Gas Bijoux’s year of birth. It initiates a feminine and elegant white floral bouquet composed of timeless tuberoses. The appealing vanilla is more and more addictive, true to the fragrance’s mysterious and wild identity. A musky base deeply cultivates the craving.

Oriental Floral
Neroli, Bergamot, Lemon Tuberose, Vanilla, Jasmin, Sandalwood, Musk

Sable d’Ambre

Intense, « Sable d’Ambre » captivates from its first notes, like a warm and voluptuous immersion. It evokes the souvenir of a sunset, a beach with ocher and amber shades. The end of a sunny day spent on the sand, moving towards the beginning of a sensual night.
Its sweet and spicy head notes mingle upon an oriental background. An intense and warm amber scent reveals itself, enhancing the sensual facet of the fragrance.
A vanilla base adds comfort and tenderness while prolonging the aroma of this seductive perfume.

Bergamot, Cypress, Orange blossom flower, Cumin, Amber, Sandalwood, Cashmere Wood, Tobacco, Vetiver